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Winston-Salem Journal: Closed lawmaking

April 2, 2009

From the Winston-Salem Journal (4/2/09): Legislators have long thought that they deserve special dispensation from government's obligation to conduct public business openly. They are wrong, and the attorney for the N.C. Open Government Coalition has correctly called them on it.

Life history fuels passion for Multicultural Center director

April 2, 2009

He grew up in a slowly dying Midwestern city where few of his school classmates ever dreamed of overcoming the challenges of living in an impoverished community. Leon Williams, however, did, and he has dedicated his career to helping others achieve their goals.

Cynthia Fair co-authors article for The Source journal

April 2, 2009

Cynthia Fair, an associate professor of human services, co-authored "Telephone Support Groups for Fathers Parenting HIV-Infected Children" in the spring 2009 edition of The Source, a journal for clinicians who work with children and families.