Career Services cited by for Twitter use cites Elon Career Services ( in a list of 50 "Best and Brightest" colleges and universities supporting students and alumni through Career Services Twitter accounts.

Online job search expert Susan P. Joyce, editor and publisher of, says she researched and compiled the list “because school career centers/career services offices can – and, often, DO – provide very useful services to their alumni who are looking for employment.”

“I think that the schools listed here are off to a great start and will build visibility for some schools that are otherwise unknown nationally,” Joyce said.

Brett Woodard, Director of Employer Relations for Elon Career Services, created the “HireElonGrads” profile in spring 2009 to promote career-related news, advice and opportunities to the Elon community and enhance Elon’s brand among prospective employers.

As of Mid-June, has more than 225 followers including students, parents, employers and other career services offices.

– Submitted by Elon Career Services