WUNC radio reports on growth and burgeoning reputation of Elon University

Elon University School of Law's inaugural commencement exercises were featured May 25 on North Carolina public radio station WUNC as the latest example of Elon University's expansion and rise to national prominence.

Members of the charter class of Elon Law celebrate graduation

The radio segment states, “As many small liberal arts colleges struggle to reinvent themselves, Elon has undergone years of strategic planning and fundraising that are now bearing fruit.”

WUNC reporter Jessica Jones notes that Elon officially became a university in 2001, has built numerous new buildings, substantially increased its endowment, and increased the number and quality of its academic program offerings, including the Juris Doctor degree from the law school.

The WUNC report quotes David Gergen, former adviser to four United States presidents and Chair of Elon University’s Law School Advisory Board, delivering the commencement address to Elon Law’s charter class, saying, “On several occasions in the past year prospective parents from Massachusetts, New York, and Washington, D.C., have called me personally and asked for help with the admission of a son or daughter. That is when you know a university is on the march.”

Click on the E-Cast link to the right of this article to hear the radio segment, including interviews with Leo M. Lambert, President of Elon University, George Johnson, Dean of the law school, Jim Exum, Distinguished Jurist in Residence at the law school, and charter class graduates of Elon Law, Alix Hazel and Austin Ribelin.