DPT Students Plant Live Oak in Honor of Human Donors

This week, students from the Department of Physical Therapy Education Class of 2011 planted a Live Oak in honor of the human donors they had as teachers this year. At the memorial service held in July 2009 the students agreed that they wanted to commemorate the donors’ gift with something permanent. A tree was the logical gift as it signifies both life and knowledge.

Student reflections on the human anatomy experience:

‘I was nervous because I would know this person; I would know her name, what she did for work, how she died. I would not only see her face, but I would learn to analyze its musculature and nerves and blood vessels. I was nervous to get to know this person on a personal level. Now I look back and wonder why I was so nervous. This is a new level of learning and a new level of knowing a person. The lessons Ruth taught me will be with me forever. I will be better at whatever I do because I met Ruth.’

‘I was excited and scared, but mostly excited! It was not quite what I had read about in books. Learning about working together and teaching each other and learning from this wonderful gift – seeing Blaine was never a chore, always a blessing. To be able to learn firsthand, so much from someone so selfless was an experience I will always cherish. I am thankful.’

‘The first moment. In silent darkness. They wait. Knowledge and power. Their intent. Courage and generosity. Their gift. They transcend and overwhelm. A small moment, a hesitation? Can we match their courage? We dare not fail. Their courage becomes. Ours. Their generosity. We accept graciously and with Respect. Knowledge and power. We achieve. For without them. We would sit in silent darkness.’