Club Tennis Repeats as State Champions

Elon Club Sports Updates: October 24th-25th

Club Tennis Repeats as State Champions

Club Tennis
Elon vs. Wake Forest University, UNC Charlotte, UNC Greensboro, and UNC Wilmington
At the North Carolina State Championship, Elon Club Tennis successfully defended their title by dominating the tournament this past weekend at UNC-Greensboro. Elon won all three matches against Wake Forest, UNC Wilmington, and UNC Greensboro and also ended the tournament with a total of ninety points. The second highest score behind Elon was Wake Forest University, who scored a total of sixty-five points. Elon was able to defend its championship title from last season through tough fought matches against these three teams. Elon is now placed to compete in sectionals at Auburn University during February and looks forward to that event. Leading statistics included Jaime Speiser who won all five of her single matches, Matt Skelly and Kaylyn Smialek who won all five matches, Ricky Guiterrez and Dylan Nickerson who beat out UNC Wilmington, as well as Matt Skelly and Dylan Nickerson who had two big defeats in both of their final doubles matches. Elon Club Tennis will next play Duke University at Elon Tennis Courts on October 31, 2009.

Field Hockey
Elon vs. Clemson University, 4-1 (Win)
Elon Club Field Hockey played a solid match against Clemson University to secure a 4-1 win. Elon started out strong with an early goal in the first half by Colin Keaveney, which helped boost team morale. Standout action included a breakaway play when the Elon goalie came out of the goal, allowing a defender to kick the ball accidentally and cause a stroke. Elon’s goalie however, made an excellent save and demonstrated great skill. Libby Dean, Katie Whittaker, and Liz Vozalla later scored three more goals, which were all a result of good forward motions and scoring positions. Though Clemson was able to score one goal, Elon Club Field Hockey dominated throughout and ended the tournament on a positive note.

Elon vs. Duke University, 1-2 (Loss)
In the first match of the tournament held at Duke University, Elon Club Field Hockey faced the home team in a rough yet hard-fought battle. Elon began the game with positive forward motion; yet, Duke was able to take the lead with a hard shot at the end of the first half. After half time however, Elon’s determination and excellent teamwork allowed Colin Keaveney to tie the game with a solid shot on net. Though Elon fought hard, Duke was able to score at the end of the second half, causing a 2-1 win over the Phoenix. Elon will practice this week to prepare for the team’s Round Robin Tournament against ECU and UNCW on November 1, 2009, at Elon’s Firehouse Fields.

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee
Elon vs. Tennessee, 12-13 (Loss)
In game one of a tournament at North Carolina State University, Elon Men’s Ultimate Frisbee fought a difficult match against the fourth seeded team, Tennessee. Demonstrating a strong defense and great zone, Elon experienced great success in causing turnover and taking advantage of the slightly narrow field. Though managing to cause a 12-12 tie with Tennessee, Elon could not suppress the skills of the Tennessee players and in the end lost 12-13.

Elon vs. UNC-Wilmington, 13-11 (Win)
In the second game of the tournament, Elon faced UNC-Wilmington who was rated as the fifth seed overall and often described as a perennial force in the North Carolina section. The loss of the previous game however caused Elon to demonstrate the teams true character, which is one of strength and perseverance. The men’s ultimate team played a great defense and aggressive offense to in the end achieve a 13-11 victory over UNC-Wilmington.

Elon vs. Mary-Washington, 13-6 (Win)
After winning a decisive game against UNC-Wilmington, Elon Men’s Ultimate Frisbee entered the third game of the day with high energy, which resulted in a 13-6 win over the opposing team. Many new players received the opportunity to experience playing time, which ultimately demonstrated the skill and hard work that the newest players are capable of performing.

Elon vs. University of Maryland, 13-6 (Win)
In the final game of day, Elon faced the seventh seed ranked University of Maryland in a match that was plagued by frequent showers and a difficult air temperature. However, these adverse conditions were not enough to hinder the strong defense that Elon so greatly demonstrated throughout the game. Through maintaining control of the game and the opponent, Elon was able to secure a 13-6 win and end the day on a positive note.

Elon vs. ECU, 10-12 (Loss)
In day two of the tournament at North Carolina State University, Elon Men’s Ultimate Frisbee faced ECU in a tough fought match. Unable to match the energy demonstrated the day before, Elon struggled to perform a cohesive match against the opposing team. Though able to achieve some intensity late in the game, Elon ultimately lost the match and the opportunity to play in the championship game.

Elon vs. Emory University, 10-13 (Loss)
In the second game of the day, Elon fought hard against the impressive skills demonstrated by the Emory Ultimate Frisbee team. Though winning for most of the game, Elon could not overcome Emory’s enduring strength, which resulted in a 10-13 loss.

Elon vs. Florida State University, 13-8 (Win)
In the ninth place game of the non-championship bracket, Elon persevered to win a hard fought match against the great skills of Florida State University. After receiving to start the game, Elon began to fall behind as Florida State took a 4-1 lead. However, Elon persisted to achieve a 7-6 lead at the end of the first half. Through a strong defense and highly skilled offense, Elon was able to secure a 13-8 win over Florida State University and end the tournament with a ninth place title.

IHSA Equestrian
Zone 4, Region 3
On October 25, 2009, Elon’s Club Equestrian competed in a Zone 4, Region 3 competition at Duke’s Echo Creek Academy. Leading Statistics included Shelby Bentley who was named High Point Ride, which is the highest and most prestigious award available at each competition. Placement for the team’s outcome is unknown at this time, yet Elon Club Equestrian feels confident in its performance and look forward to being informed of the final results. Equestrian will train in the next few weeks to prepare for a competition at VI College on November 17, 2009.

Men’s Rugby
Elon vs. Duke University, 15-13 (Win)
In a Friday night game under the lights, Elon fought an exciting match against Duke University to kick off the Club Sport Homecoming festivities. After achieving an early 5-0 leader over Duke, Elon fought hard despite many conversions and points scored by the adversary. As the game winded down to its final minutes, Duke scored a try causing a 15-13 score. However, time ran out on the clock allowing Elon to end the game with a victory. Leading statistics for Elon included Matt O’Shields with one try, Jerried Williams with one try, and Chris Adams who caused the game -winning try.

Swim Club
Elon vs. VCU and Towson University
Elon performed exceptionally well this weekend as the Swim Club finished in third place for both the men’s and women’s division. The team demonstrated a great deal of support and spirit for one another, as everyone cheered for their fellow teammates throughout the entire meet. Leading statistics include Leslie Gilman who came in third for the 500 freestyle, Kelly Lahvic who placed third for the 100 IM and first in the 50 breastroke, as well as Sean Dolan who placed second in the 200 freestyle. The Swim Club will practice hard this week to prepare for its home meet on the weekend of November 7th-8th.

Women’s Club Basketball
Elon vs. Wake Forest University, 57-49 (Win)
Elon Women’s Club Basketball had a three game tournament this weekend at Wake Forest University, which resulted in three commanding and victorious performances. In game one, Elon faced Wake Forest University in an intense and well-fought match. Elon maintained its strength and concentration throughout the game as they led the game 35-19 at the end of the first half. Through execution of the teams plays, Elon was able to maintain a twenty point lead throughout the majority of the game, which allowed many new members to experience valuable playing time. Due to Wake Forest’s numerous fouls, Elon made eleven out of eighteen shots, which led to Elon’s 57-49 win. Leading statistics included Jasmine Jackson with twelve points, Hannah McHugh with eight points, as well as Raven Manigault and Michelle Pebole who both scored seven points.

Elon vs. Lynchburg College, 68-44 (Win)
In game two of the weekend tournament, Elon faced off against Lynchburg College and experienced a slower pace in plays than the game before against Wake Forest. Nonetheless, Elon maintain its composure and began to pick up the teams level of intensity. At the end of the first half, Elon was leading 31-26 due to the team’s power and passion to succeed. As the second half commenced, Elon continued to play hard defense and climbed the scoreboard to a final 68-44 win over Lynchburg. Leading statistics included Michelle Pebole with sixteen points, Jasmine Jackson with twelve points, Ashley McGraw with ten points, and Jamie Feldman who scored seven points.

Elon vs. North Carolina State University, 78-67 (Win)
Before the start of game three, Elon Women’s Club Basketball had never won a game against opposing team, North Carolina State University. As soon as the game began, the level of concentration and intensity clearly demonstrated how important the game was to both teams. After playing two games beforehand, both teams were suffering from extreme fatigue, yet, Elon persevered to stay strong and lead the first half at 37-31. After undergoing a few underserved fouls, Elon gained the team composure and successfully defeated NC State 78-67.

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee
Elon vs. ECU, UNC Chapel Hill, Wake Forest University, and Duke University, 2-6
In the first tournament of the season for Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, the team demonstrated great effort and strength, as they were able to win two tough games. The strong competition of the opposing teams was matched by Elon’s perseverance and determination to perform well. Elon is looking forward to practicing this week in order to prepare for the Blue Ridge Blowout held at Appalachian State University on November 14th-15th.

Women’s Club Lacrosse
Elon vs. Duke University, 8-13 (Loss)
In a tough battle against Duke University, Elon Women’s Club Lacrosse fought hard despite a limited number of participants due to the high number of sickness on campus. Elon played exceptionally well, despite no substitutes and the distressing weather conditions. Both teams performed well and demonstrated a great team effort. Leading statistics included Maria Gardell with two goals, Kaitlyn Schultz with two goals and one assist, Katherine Mantz with one goal and one assist, Megan Wanner with one goal, as well as Amanda Morse and Natalit Cahoon who also scored one goal each.

– Michael O’Brien
  Club Sports Staff