Brian Nienhaus selected as Periclean Faculty Leader

Associate professor Brian Nienhaus has been selected as the first Periclean Faculty Leader at Elon for his “Business and Sustainability” course, part of the new Periclean Faculty Leadership Program to champion civic engagement in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community.

Brian Nienhaus

Sponsored by Project Pericles, the program aims to stimulate Periclean Faculty Leaders in a wide variety of disciplines to create and teach courses that address issues of social concern, enrich curriculum, and enhance student social interest and involvement. Faculty leaders will organize campus-wide activities and/or prepare an academic paper or project.

Project Pericles will provide a grant of $2,000 for the Periclean Faculty Leader, which the university will match to help Nienhaus support civic engagement activities both on and off campus.

“By identifying these faculty, supporting their academic and co-curricular work, and encouraging them as campus and national leaders in the field of civic engagement, Project Pericles will foster campus environments where students, faculty, administrators, alumni, and community members are actively engaged,” Jan R. Liss, executive director of Project Pericles, wrote in a letter announcing Nienhaus’ selection.

The Teagle Foundation and the Eugene M. Lang Foundation are supporting this new Periclean program.