HR Notes

Manage your health care at

Looking to get the most out of your United Healthcare benefits? Log on to, where you can:

  • Compare costs of different health plans (see Cost Estimator)
  • Speak live with a registered nurse for health advice (see Nurse Chat)
  • Organize your medical claims (see Claims and Accounts)
  • Find a network hospital or physician (see Physicians and Facilities)
  • Order and renew your prescriptions (see Pharmacies and Prescriptions)
  • Learn about your deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, and find out what’s covered and what’s not (see Benefits and Coverage)
  • Store all of your family’s health records in one place (see Personal Health Record)
  • Participate in free health coaching programs (see Health and Wellness)
  • Access information about health ailments and treatments (see Conditions AtoZ)
  • Request a temporary or replacement ID card (see Account Settings).

Not registered? Set up an account by:

  • Visiting
  • Clicking Register Now
  • Entering requested information
  • Logging in to use the site.


Don’t forget!

The annual Staff Appreciation Day sponsored by the Office of Human Resources will be held Friday, May 28, from 8:30 a.m.-noon. Join us for breakfast, an awards ceremony and entertainment featuring your friends and colleagues, then get a head start on Memorial Day weekend by taking the afternoon off!