Toddie Peters delivers keynote address at Societas Ethica in Frankfurt

Toddie Peters, associate professor and chair of the religious studies department, presented a keynote address titled "Accounting for Difference: Rethinking Global Markets in a Postcolonial World" at the Societas Ethica Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, on Saturday, Aug. 21.

Peters’ address was included in a plenary session focused on “Critical Perspectives on Globalizing Markets,” part of the four-day conference devoted to examining “Morals, Markets, and Money – Economic and Business Ethics Revisited.” Other keynote presenters included Saskia Sassen, Timothy Gorringe and Daniel Finn.

The Societas Ethica was founded in 1964 and includes both moral theologians and moral philosophers. The Societas Ethica was created to be a platform for exchange of scholarly work, ideas and experiences stemming from different philosophical and theological traditions. It endeavors to stimulate contacts between scholars in different countries, surpassing political, ideological and religious boundaries.