Development plan for downtown Greensboro highlights contributions of Elon Law

A six-part economic development strategy for downtown Greensboro announced Sept. 28 calls for the continued development of the region as a "knowledge community," noting Elon Law's positive economic and civic impacts in the area since 2006.

The plan, developed by a consortium of public and private entities including Downtown Greensboro Incorporated, Action Greensboro, the City of Greensboro and Guilford County, details six initiatives to continue downtown Greensboro’s revitalization over the next decade.

In a video presentation describing the six priorities, Ed Wolverton, President and CEO of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated, says the students and faculty of Elon Law have made significant contributions to the region’s economy and its community life.

“We’ve seen with the infusion of Elon Law school that’s brought over 300 students to downtown, almost 100 faculty members, who really have become part of our downtown community . . . they really are a great economic generator,” Wolverton says.

Jennifer Hoverstadt, a member of the Class of 2011 at Elon Law, is featured in the video, describing the value of the strong support that the law school has received from the Greensboro community and the importance of innovative higher education initiatives to spur the region’s economy in years ahead.

Elon Law alumnus Edward Garrett is one of dozens of former and current law students who have worked with nonprofit and public entities to advance projects of importance to downtown Greensboro.

“A knowledge economy is vital, especially right now where jobs are difficult to come by,” Hoverstadt says. “With schools partnering with the communities and cities opening their arms to the schools, and professionals within the communities wanting to be involved with our work, with our community service organizations, I feel welcomed.”

Elon University School of Law was created through a community commitment to support a school of the highest quality with the finest facilities. Elon University president Leo M. Lambert has called the effort to create the school a “historic partnership” between the university and Greensboro leaders. The school was founded in 2006 through a dedication ceremony led by former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Click here to watch the video detailing the new downtown Greensboro economic development strategy and to learn more about downtown Greensboro’s recent development successes and future plans.