Rebecca Todd Peters presents paper at leadership colloquium

Rebecca Todd Peters, professor of religious studies, presented a paper titled “Examining the Value of Solidarity as a Moral Foundation for Poverty Alleviation” at the fifth-annual Jepson Colloquium in Richmond, Va. The colloquium was sponsored by the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond and this year’s theme of “Leadership and Global Justice” was designed as an interdisciplinary discussion examining the philosophical, moral, economic, environmental and political dimensions of justice beyond national borders with attention to organized efforts to move toward such a reality.

Peters was invited to participate in the colloquium as recognition of her work related to the ethics of globalization. The paper she is presenting is part of her current research project on “The Ethics of Solidarity.” She will join a distinguished cohort of 10 international scholars from a variety of academic disciplines.

The presentations on the theme of leadership and global justice will comprise the latest book in the Jepson Studies in Leadership book series. These volumes represent scholarly work on leadership in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. The series is designed to shape the discourse on leadership by bringing together the best scholars available from a wide range of disciplines to address a chosen theme. Past Jepson Colloquium volumes are include Presidential Leadership (September 2005), Leadership and Discovery (September 2007), Lincoln’s Legacy of Leadership (September 2008), and Leadership and the Common Good (January 2010).