‘Mapping the Unseen: Narratives on Elon’ on display in Center for the Arts

Students in the Ecological Art course present 'Maps of the Unseen: Narratives on Elon,' an exhibit of interpretive maps currently on display in the hallways of Center for the Arts.

‘Maps of the Unseen: Narratives on Elon’ was a collaborative group project where students researched an aspect of the environment at, near, or connected to Elon. The diversity of results raises critical questions and evokes important discussions on our contemporary built and landscaped environment.

Students include Jessica Bednarcik, Georgia Campbell, Diana Ciompi, Elisa Cooper, Paige Geffen, Will Jones, David Kelly, Alex Kuhn, Devon Lewis, Amanda Maddalone Katy Magruder, Emily Neidhardt, Joanna Patterson, Raafe Purnsley, Natalie Saragusa, Brittany Siciliano and Kyle Waggoner.

ART 339, Ecological Art, taught by prof. Samantha DiRosa, is a cross-disciplinary course that brings together art and environmental studies students to explore collaborative, activist and environmentally-focused, creative projects.