Zipcar is for everyone – join and receive free driving!

Zipcar provides a great way for students as well as faculty and staff to get around – car sharing! Become a Zipcar member and you’ll have easy access to cars on campus by the hour, day or overnight.

A few Zipcar membership details:
• Membership is $35/year
• Rates start at just $8/hr or $66/day
• Every trip includes gas, insurance and 180 free miles
• International driver’s licenses are accepted
• You only have to be 18+ years-old
• 21 and over drivers have access to over 8,000 cars in the US, UK and Canada

If you need a car or are thinking about renting a car, consider Zipcar – it could save you money!

Use Zipcar for a short trip to the beach or mountains.

Carpool or bike to work and still have access to a car when you need one during the workday with Zipcar. Departmental accounts are also available.

Visit and follow the appropriate link to join. Enter the following code and receive $50 in free driving credit to use in your first month: SUMMERONCAMPUS11.