Welcome to the new E-Net

E-Net, Elon’s award-winning campus information system, has been given a major upgrade.

The new E-Net is modeled after many of the Internet’s top news sites, and is the result of months of work by the University Relations staff, with input from about 50 faculty, staff and students. The design more effectively highlights major stories, photos and video. It also more cleanly sorts stories into logical categories, a response to feedback that the previous E-Net had become too dense and packed with poorly organized information.

The biggest change is the introduction of customized Enet home pages for students, faculty/staff and alumni. These new pages, accessed via tabs at the top of the E-net home page, give more prominence and focus to the articles of most interest to those particular groups. Of course, the most important student/faulty/staff/alumni news will also be on the main E-net front page for all to see.

The new E-net calendar sorts information into Community Events, Student Events and Alumni Events, along with a calendar listing Today’s Events. Members of the community who wish to reserve spaces on campus should now look for the Space Request link in the Tools menu in the page header, which is available on every web page on Elon’s entire website.

A video box displays the latest videos submitted to the E-Net video system.You’ll find convenient links to all of Elon’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn and ThisWeek@Elon email newsletter.

Like the old E-net, you can use the search box to search the entire 13-year archive of E-net postings.

Of course, E-net is such a big success because all members of our community have the ability to post their news and information. In fact, sometimes we’re surprised that people don’t realize they have the ability to submit stories and announcements that they want to share. Look for the POST NEWS banner at the top right of the page and submit everything from calendar events to professional accomplishments to Want Ads.

E-net is your resource, and you make this a powerful source of information that is visited every day by more than 35,000 people. We hope you find the new E-Net user-friendly and attractive.

Special thanks to University Relations staff members David Morton, John David Parsons and Tim Paulson for their design and programming work in creating the new E-Net.

Dan Anderson
Assistant vice president and director of university relations