Occupy West Commons: This month’s First Thursday – Nov. 3

Occupy West Commons? First Thursdays Current Issues Forum Nov. 3 from 4:15-5 p.m. in West Commons

First Thursdays Current Issues Forum is an initiative co-sponsored by Project Pericles and the Office of the Vice President for Student Life. This month’s discussion address questions like these:

  • What is the Occupy Wall Street movement all about?
  • What is the story behind this event and where did all of this passion come from?
  • What are the major issues and causes that are present in the OWS movement?
  • Who is participating in this movement and what do they hope to accomplish?
  • Why should you care about the OWS movement?
  • How broad is the OWS movement in the United States?
  • How had the media presented information about OWS?
  • Has there been an international dimension to this movement?
  • What impact will this OWS movement have on our national Presidential campaign? On other political campaigns?

John Kernodle ’05 and Rebecca O’Quinn ’08 will be special guests for this month’s discussion. John has been heavily involved in the “Occupy” movement in Greensboro and will share some of his experiences. All students, staff and faculty are welcome to come and participate in this open forum.