Toddie Peters Presents on Poverty, Wealth and Ecology

Associate Professor Toddie Peters made two plenary presentations at the World Council of Churches (WCC) Poverty, Wealth, and Ecology North American Forum in Calgary, Alberta the week of Nov. 6-11.

The event is the fifth in a series of regional forums that the WCC is holding around the world to consider the intersections of between the global economy and current environmental crises. Scholars, activists, and church leaders gathered in each region to examine how these issues played out in each particular context (Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and North America).

Peters and Canadian scholar John Hiemstra were asked to help frame a North American theological context in which to consider issues of globalization, the economic crisis and environmental problems. Her presentation, “Towards a North American Contextual Theology,” helped set the stage for the week-long conversation. Peters also made a second presentation titled “Considering Solidarity Economics as a New Economic Paradigm.” This work is part of her current book project in which she is developing an ethic of solidarity.

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