D.E.E.P and Spectrum Present: “Elon Chik-Fil-A? – Facts vs. Framing” – Sept. 24

On Monday, Sept. 24, join us as D.E.E.P. partners with SPECTRUM to host the first Difficult Dialogue of the year: “Elon without Chic-fil-A?? – Facts vs. Framing”.

The program begins at 6:30 p.m. in Belk Pavilion 208.

Students will be dissecting the truths and the opinions associated with the Chic-Fil-A controversy. This program serves a purpose in providing an avenue in which students can respectfully voice their opinions on the situation, while exposing them to the facts surrounding the topic.

The educational journey through conversation (however heated), will be facilitated by Melissa Jordan in the Multicultural Center, as well as one representative from SPECTRUM and D.E.E.P. Please join us by bringing in your own views of the discussion as we will love to respect everyone’s side based on Media, Religion, and Business standpoints.

We will also discuss the proposal on the table that may remove Chic-Fil-A from Elon’s campus.