Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of MLK's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" – April 16

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail," a reading featuring faculty, staff and students will occur at College Coffee on April 16th. Elon is one of many schools participating in this worldwide anniversary event.


On Tuesday, April 16th, a reading of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.s’ “Letter from Birmingham Jail” will occur at College Coffee. The reading will feature students, faculty, and staff who have come together to recognize the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an advocate and pioneer of civil rights and the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. His achievements have opened several opportunities for Americans to experience equal privilege and treatment in all areas of life, from education to career.

This event is being hosted by African and African-American Studies, an interdisciplinary program at Elon University. Dr. Prudence Layne serves as the coordinator of the AAASE program, as well as an associate professor of English. For more information, please contact