Elon Model UN Team Makes Appearance at CHOMUN conference

A group of 12 Elon students traveled to Chicago April 18-21 to compete at CHOMUN, a conference hosted by the University of Chicago.

Delegates participated in committees that ranged from Mad Men Style BBDO Advertising Agency to the Imperial War Cabinet of the British Empire to modern day NATO.  

Keeping with their winning tradition, Elon students won several awards at the conference. Sean Wilson and Niki Molinaro were given verbal commendations for their role as Iceland in NATO. Broadway Jackson and Greg Nantz were awarded honorable mention for their portrayal of Switzerland at the Congress of Vienna. 

The delegation consisted of Gregory Nantz, William Burke, Hayley Harding, Gregory Honan, Dash Jepsen, Maggie Rousseau, Broadway Jackson, Alex Cantone, Andrew Manca, Allison Gloninger, Niki Molinaro and Sean Wilson. 

The confernece was Elon’s last of the year and the organization is now concentrating on staffing its own simulation, the International Crisis Conference at Elon, for International Relations classes.