Mina Garcia presents paper at Association of Hispanic Classical Theater

Mina Garcia, an associate professor of Spanish, presented a paper in March at the Association of Hispanic Classical Theater Conference.

Associate Professor Mina Garcia
Associate Professor Mina Garcia[/caption]The paper, titled “Mis-mind reading in Lope’s Barlaan y Josafat: A cognitive approach” proposed a cognitive study of Barlaán y Josafat, a play by Lope de Vega performed in 1611. 

Contextualist cognition models offer the possibility of a new reading of the play since they allow us to analyze conscious and non-concious processing of multiple streams of information about the reality around us and the way we perceive it. Contextualist cognition also goes hand-in-hand with the very baroque worry about the unreliability of reality itself, the unrealibility of our perception of it, and the classic dichotomy between reality and illusion, central in the argument of this particular play.

AHCT is an international organization that counts among its members literary scholars, theatrical directors and producers, teachers, and other aficionados of Spain’s Golden Age of Theater. Its annual conference takes place in March-April in El Paso, Texas.