Elon Launches New App for Major Campus Events

Find out more information and download instructions for the app, Elon University Guides, which will support New Student Orientation, Family Weekend and Homecoming.

In a few short days, New Student Orientation will welcome to campus more than 1,600 new and transfer students along with their families. In an effort to support its mission to holistically address the needs of new Elon students and families in transition within the Elon University community, the office of New Student and Transition Programs will be using a new tool, which was launched Aug. 3.

The tool, an app called Elon University Guides, provides information about important events including New Student Orientation, Family Weekend and Homecoming. Some of the features include: customizable schedules and to-do list, an interactive campus map, information about on-campus resources, driving directions, social media, and more. Users can also receive push notifications on their smartphones.

“We are eager to be able to provide this digital resource and hope that it will enhance the Orientation experience of new Elon student, Elon family members, and faculty, staff or administrators,” said Katie Burr, director of New Student and Transition Programs at Elon.

Follow the instructions below to download the app and take some time to explore it before Move-in Day. If you have any questions about the app, or any questions about Orientation in general, feel free to contact the office at 336-278-7777 or  compass@elon.edu.

How to Download the Elon University Guides App and Orientation Guide

  1. Download the Elon Guides App
    From the Apple App Store or Google Play (skip to step 5 if you are using a different type of smartphone), search “Elon Guides” and download the app, or click these quick links: Apple or Android.
  2. Download the Orientation Guide
    Open the app, chose Elon Orientation 15 under the list of “Public Guides.” If you cannot find it, search for Orientation in the search bar.
  3. There will be a pop-up window with the event overview, when it opens click the button that says “Get This Guide” and allow it to download. This may take up to a few minutes. When it is done, the guide will open.
  4. When prompted, enable notifications
    It is very important that you allow notifications for the guidebook app when prompted – we will be sending important updates that you will get instant push notifications for, such as rain location changes. If you disallow push notifications, you will not get these important messages.
  5. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone other than an Apple iPhone or an Android (or if you do, but would like to use the web version of this app), simply go to https://guidebook.com/guide/40592 to view the guide.

    If you have an iPhone or Android, we strongly recommend downloading the app rather than using the Web version. There are some features that are not compatible with the web version such as push notifications and the interactive map. Additionally, the app version lives offline, so you can view the information after downloading without having an Internet connection.