Pamela Winfield speaks at Duke & Emory on Japanese Buddhism

Associate Professor Pamela Winfield presented her Japanese Buddhism research this fall at two major national universities. 

On Sept. 11, she delivered her multimedia talk “Food for Thought: The Mediation and Remediation of Meals at Eiheiji Zen Monastery, Japan” at the Material Religion: Embodiment, Materiality, Techonology conference hosted by Duke University. Her presentation was the culmination of her Fall 2014 sabbatical research supported by FR&D, and was one of 38 papers selected from a pool of 110 submissions for this international symposium commemorating the 10th anniversary of the leading academic journal “Material Religion.”

On Oct. 8, Winfield was invited to giver her lecture “The Art of Enlightenment: Religion, Visual Culture, and Japanese Buddhism” at Emory University. Following a morning guest lecture in the class Literary and Visual Culture in Japan, her afternoon public lecture presented material from her monograph “Icons and Iconoclasm in Japanese Buddhism: Kūkai and Dōgen on the Art of Enlightenment” (Oxford University Press, 2013).