Religious Studies faculty present research

Members of the Religious Studies department will be in San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 17-21 for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literautee. This event regularly attracts over 10,000 scholars of religion and theology from around the world. 

  • As chair of the American Academy of Religion’s International Connections Committee, Amy L. Allocco will be presiding over a daylong meeting and chairing a grants jury, plus presiding at the reception for International Members.
  • Sarah Bloesch will present a paper in a session on the Body and Religion titled “Neoliberal Bodies: Salvation as Commodity in the Prison Industrial Complex.”
  • Lynn R. Huber is presiding over sessions on LGBTI/Queer Biblical Hermeneutics, including a panel on “Queer Futures: Futurity, Hauntology, and Utopia in and after Biblical Texts.”
  • Ariela Marcus-Sells will be presenting her research in a paper titled “’Poised on the Higher Horizon’: Narrative Tafsīr and Sufi Practice in the Southern Sahara.”
  • Brian K. Pennington will give a paper, “Questioning the Serpent King: Performance, Pilgrimage, and Memory in the Hindu Himalayas,” and speak on two panels, “Promoting Religious Literacy College-wide” and “Untouchability, Dalitness, and the Study of Hinduism.”
  • Jeffrey Pugh will be participating in a book signing featuring his new publication, The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to the End of the World.
  • Pamela Winfield will present a paper on “The Situated Mountain-Body of Eiheiji Zen Temple, Japan” in a session she convened on “Mountains in Asia and Beyond.”