Thurman gives invited talk at UNC-Greensboro

UNCG's Department of Psychology invited the Assistant Professor of Psychology Sabrina Thurman to give a talk as part of the Hard Data Cafe series.

Sabrina Thurman, an assistant professor of psychology, gave a talk as part of the Hard Data Cafe series of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Psychology Department.

The talk, "The role of postural-locomotor development in infant play and exploration," discussed findings from a longitudinal study investigating how postural-locomotor progression in infancy impacts infants’ use of posture during play and their interactive behaviors with their surroundings. The results complement and extend prior qualitative research on the interactive relationship between postural skills and discovery (Pierce et al., 2009).

These findings are part of an ongoing collaboration with Daniela Corbetta (University of Tennessee Knoxville).