New student orientation Head Staff members join peers from 85 institutions at regional conference

Elon's new student orientation Head Staff attended the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop "To SROW and Beyond" March 16-18 at University of Central Florida in Orlando to present and explore.

Elon was one of the 16 North Carolina colleges and universities represented at the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop (SROW) among a total of 86 institutions at the annual regional conference held in March in Orlando, Fl. SROW represents the National Orientation Directors’ Association (NODA), a professional organization dedicated to the education, leadership and professional development in the field of orientation, transition and retention.

This year, 13 members of Elon’s leadership team, called Head Staff, joined 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students to blast off the conference with their school spirit. “To SROW and Beyond” offered an intense weekend to “explore meaningful reflection, share new ideas, and engage with partners across the Southeast” to further develop their orientation programs.

The Head Staff team displayed their Phoenix pride in the song, skit and dance competition that put a fire under Grace Bailey and Chris Adamik to win “Best Problem Solving” during the case study competition among the five competing undergraduate institutions.

Other Head Staff members presented at the various workshops during the weekend. These presentations included: “For the Culture: When You Are One of Few That Look Like You” by Elon’s Jasmine Hodges and Donald Coleman Jr. from Kennesaw State University; U.S.S. Transfer: The Next Generation?” by Mikey Gibeley, Josh Schwaner, Nicole Roberts and Maggie Sieglein; and “Episode NSO: The Process Awakens” by Sydney Forsyth, Audrey Harris and Andrew Novinski.

Other Head Staff members attending the conference included Kristen O’Neil, Jack Fryer, and Noah Zaiser, along with professional staff members of New Student and Transitional Programs — Emily Krechel (director)

Head Staff pause for an "energy check" at SROW
and Matt Olmsted (assistant director).

The weekend was packed with energy, exploration and engaging opportunities for Elon’s Head Staff to land back home with a backpack full of strategies and ideas to help them prepare for a successful welcome for fall 2018 new students and transfers.