Inside Higher Ed features Elon's experiential transcript

The article notes Elon's leading role in transforming the traditional transcript and the challenges institutions face in trying to capture the full range of experiences students have. 

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed highlighting efforts to capture in a transcript the breadth of experiences college students have and to communicate those experiences to employers features a look at how Elon has been leading the way. 

The article notes that Elon "pioneered experiential transcripts more than 20 years ago" and now incorporates research papers, grant award letters and student organization websites into the transcript.

From the article: 

Experiential learning, [Elon Registrar Rodney] Parks said, is “built into the fabric of the curriculum itself” at Elon. To graduate, students must complete two experiential learning requirements out of a possible five. “But if they only have two, it’s not going to be a very good-looking transcript,” he said. Likewise, if a student decides that certain low-level kinds of community service are likely to make him look attractive — if he gives blood during a blood drive, for instance — that will only be meaningful if it fits into a bigger commitment to community service.

“If that’s the only thing that’s on your experiential transcript, that transcript is not going to help you very much,” Parks said.

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