World Percussion Ensemble to presents AfroCubanismo! on April 18

The concert will be held Thursday, April 18, at the TapHouse at 10 p.m.

AfroCubanismo represents the legitimacy of black identity in Cuban society, culture, and art.

From the 1960s Bo Diddley beat to today’s “Dinero” with JLo, DJ Khalid and Cardi B, the influence of Cuba music shows it’s continuing relevance. The ensemble performs African-based Cuban percussion music to recreate the magic of these rhythmic forms. 

The show honors black identity by performing Cuban folkloric, popular and religious music with a contemporary twist. The music features Son, Guaguanco, Iyesa, Egungun, Yambu, Conga de Comparsa and more. The palette of instruments includes claves, congas, bongos, bells, shekere and timbales. Students will add their own electronic treatment to compliment the music. The ensemble invites you to experience this unique musical experience. Dancing is encouraged! 

The ensemble is directed by Instructor Jim Roberts. Members are Andrew High, Erika Swinney, Professor Greg Hlavaty, Quint Slack, Justin Starr, Sam Ellingsworth and Professor Tony Crider.

The ensemble is open to all members of the student body and faculty. No audition or experience is required. During registration, sign up for Mus106G. The emsemble picks a different focus of the music of the African Diaspora each semester.