Danieley Center power outage resolved

Duke Energy crews began work Tuesday morning to restore power to one of the Danieley Center buildings impacted by a major failure of underground power cables.

UPDATE, 11:20 a.m., Thursday, May 16 — Power has been restored to all buildings in the Danieley Center.

Duke Energy estimates it will not have power restored to Danieley Center I building until sometime Thursday morning. The power went out for much of Danieley Center Tuesday morning when about 20 underground cables and a transformer failed. Power was later restored to all buildings except Building I.

Crews worked on the complex problems Tuesday and Wednesday, but suffered a trench collapse Wednesday evening, which slowed progress. The final step in power restoration will require shutting off the power to Danieley J and K for two hours before the power can be restored fully. Duke Energy is not able to offer an estimated time for that temporary outage to occur.

Every effort is being made to resolve the problem as soon as possible and the affected students are receiving information and assistance from the Office of Residence Life.

Residence Life staff will remain in the neighborhood office until 11 p.m. to help answer questions and discuss any student concerns. After 11 p.m., students may request assistance from the Student Life Administrator on Call, reachable via Campus Safety and Police at 336-278-5555.

Many students have already said that they intend to remain in Danieley I this evening, even without power. That is a safe and viable option. Campus Safety and Police will be onsite at Danieley I overnight for fire and resident safety.

Students who want alternate accommodations are being offered vacant double rooms on campus (including some in the Danieley Center). Students who need assistance with alternate housing for the evening, should contact the neighborhood office at 336-278-7310 as soon as possible.

For those looking for a place to study or charge electronic devices, the Daniel Commons will be available overnight, and Belk Library has begun 24-hour operations for final exams. Tonight the Moseley Center will remain open until 1 a.m. and Cram Jam will be hosted in Lakeside Dining Hall from 9 p.m. until 12 a.m.