Class of 2019 Business Fellows begin professional journeys

Members of the graduating class of Business Fellows join organizations such as Goldman Sachs, Google, EY, PwC and Bates White Economic Consulting.


Members of the Business Fellows Class of 2019 graduated from Elon with degrees in accounting, economics, finance, international business, international economics, management and marketing. They're now beginning careers in areas such as investment management, economics, sales, marketing, merchandising, auditing, consulting, financial analysis, assurance, tax, and mergers and acquisitions.

This summer they join Goldman Sachs, Trillium Trading, Markley Group, PwC, The Bozzuto Group, RTI International, Kohl's, OMD Worldwide, Google, IHS Markit, EY, Credit Suisse, Northrup Grumman, Bates White Economic Consulting, Santee Cooper, and Global Bankers Insurance Group, while two members begin graduate programs this fall at the University of Texas and University of Boston Law School.

In a May medallion ceremony with family, friends, faculty and staff in attendance, the fellows reflected on their program experiences. Highlights included global study experience in Chile and Argentina, company visits in Boston, support and encouragement from Tina Das, Lincoln Financial Professor of Economics and Business Fellows program director, and program cohort classes.

“Being in a selective program with rigorous classes provided a significant edge during internship and job interviews,” said Tanisha Gupta ’19, “especially when coming from a smaller school like Elon.”

Additionally, the fellows benefitted from completing a four-year professional development plan, which included:

  • targeted Elon 101 classes during their first year
  • interacting with recruiting professionals through resume reviews, mock interviews and networking during the Porter Family Professional Development Center’s Sophomore Success program
  • visiting a variety of employers during a professional trek to Boston in their junior year
  • honing their career interests and completing internships related to their selected career paths
  • meetings with the Porter Family Professional Development Center staff.

“The Love School of Business in conjunction with the Porter Family Professional Development Center equipped me with the resources, mentors and training to dive headfirst into my full-time position with Goldman Sachs,” Carly Struyk ’19 said. “It is so encouraging to know that I have a team of dedicated professionals ready and willing to help me even after leaving Elon.”

During the ceremony, the fellows also shared their senior capstone courses accomplishments. Those in the consulting seminar led by Scott Hayward, assistant professor of management, developed and recommended growth awareness, social media and exit strategies for All that Jas, a boutique located in Elon, N.C. Under the guidance of Adam Aiken, assistant professor of finance, fellows in the portfolio seminar managed an equity portfolio using a portion of the university’s endowment, increasing its value to approximately $300,000.

Common themes in the fellows’ remarks revolved around community, including close friendships, peer mentoring and strong connections with faculty and staff members, and growth – both academic and personal.

“Seeing the individual growth that each and every one of us has gone through has been one of the most rewarding parts of this journey,” Hannah Quinlan ’19 said. “The cohort structure allows you to be in a community with high-achieving peers who motivate you to be the best version of yourself both professionally and personally.”

Business Fellows Class of 2019

Joey Bernatchez
Jordan Burk
Quinn Ciesielski
Katie Eickmann
Emily Fasth
Rebecca Fliegel
Michaela Fogarty
Chris Folsom
Claire Gaskill
Tanisha Gupta
Mary Hutson
William Kakavas
Zach Lahey
Caroline McGranahan
Michael McHorney
Nick Misson
Dora Muratovic
Sarah Oberman
Hannah Quinlan
Katelyn Roache
Andrew Shelton
Carly Struyk
Asher Thompson
Wynne Treco
Elizabeth Trop