Forbes article about college rankings features Lisa Keegan

Keegan, assistant vice president and dean of undergraduate admissions, offered insights for students and their families as they seek out the best college or university for them. 

A recent Forbes article offering advice on how rankings factor into the college search process included insights from Lisa Keegan, assistant vice president and dean of undergraduate admissions. 

Titled "College Rankings: Get a Second Opinion," the article by Brennen Barnard provides guidance on how to go beyond college rankings to collect and process information about colleges and universities during the search process. 

Keegan advised that "it is critical for students to learn more about who will be teaching them" as they seek out the right college. 

“In order to truly get a sense of the learning environment, students need to look beyond the numbers and ask questions about what will really matter," Keegan said. "Will they have access to professors? Will they be engaged in the classroom? Will they have deep, mentoring relationships with faculty who will guide and inspire their future paths? That “tap on the shoulder” moment by a professor can be transformational for a student—and in the long run, will far outweigh any ranking.”

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