Matthew Perrigino presents paper at 2019 Academy of Management conference

Perrigino co-authored the paper on reducing citizenship fatigue among healthcare workers with Sofia Montalbo ’20 and Robert Dickey ’20.

Matthew Perrigino, assistant professor of management in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, presented “The Role of Resources Reducing Citizenship Fatigue among Healthcare Workers,” at the 79th annual meeting of the Academy of Management held Aug. 9-13 in Boston.

Headshot of Professor Perrigino and seniors Montalbo and Dickey
(From left) Assistant Professor Matthew Perrigino, Sofia Montalbo ’20 and Robert Dickey ’20 co-authored paper presented at Academy of Management conference.

Perrigino co-authored the paper with seniors Sofia Montalbo and Robert Dickey, and Benjamin Dunford, Purdue University, Matt Troup, Conway Regional Health System, and R. Wayne Boss, University of Colorado Boulder.

The paper researched citizenship fatigue, which is a phenomenon where employees feel tired and worn out from engaging in extra-role behaviors. The authors argue that the acquisition and possession of resources can help reduce experiences of citizenship fatigue.

“Among a sample of 272 healthcare employees from a hospital located in the Southeastern United States,” the authors write, “we find that personal resources (e.g., optimism and self-esteem) are associated with lower levels of citizenship fatigue. We also find that the absence of organizational resources (higher levels of understaffing) leads to increases in citizenship fatigue.”

Montalbo, majoring in marketing, and Dickey, majoring in management and marketing, were two of Perrigino’s MGT 323 “Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior” students in the fall of 2018. The students helped Perrigino with the data analysis for the paper, which led to them being included as authors on the manuscript.

Perrigino joined Elon’s faculty in 2018 after completing his Ph.D. in organizational behavior and human resources from Purdue University. His research interests include issues associated with the availability and implementation of work-life balance (WLB) policies in organizations, in addition to multilevel theory. Prior to his academic career, Perrigino worked in corporate finance at IBM.