MarketWatch features Kim’s research on climate change and maternal health

Assistant Professor of Economics June Kim's research on climate change and its impact on maternal-health racial disparities was featured in an article by MarketWatch.

Business news outlet MarketWatch has featured Assistant Professor of Economics June Kim’s research on climate change and its impacts on racial disparities in maternal health.

Assistant Professor of Economics June Kim

The article, “How climate change could contribute to racial maternal-health disparities,” highlights Kim’s research with Maya Rossin-Slater of Stanford University and Ajin Lee of Michigan State University. The working paper, which has been distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research, studies the ways hotter temperatures can impact pregnancy outcomes.

“Our findings suggest that, in the absence of mitigating interventions, the projected increase in exposure to extreme heat over the next century may contribute to further worsening of maternal health,” the authors wrote.

The group’s research found black women are more severely impacted by the change in temperature than white women. It also shows extreme heat can increase a newborn’s likelihood of health complications.

“Understanding the health consequences of this increase in extreme heat is critical for informing discussions about the costs of climate change and the possible benefits of mitigating policies,” the paper’s authors wrote.

To learn more about the group’s research, read the entire MarketWatch article here.