Mark Kurt offers insight for WalletHub article about best cities for work

A recent article by WalletHub about the top U.S. cities for finding jobs features insight from Associate Professor of Economics Mark Kurt.

Associate Professor of Economics Mark Kurt was featured in a recent WalletHub article about the U.S. economy and predictions about the 2020 job market.

In the article, “2020’s Best Cities for Jobs,” the author ranks the top 182 U.S. cities for finding work based on 31 key indicators of job-market strength. The list includes six cities in North Carolina: Raleigh (No. 48), Durham (No. 62), Charlotte (No. 104), Greensboro (No. 117), Winston-Salem (No. 141), and Fayetteville (No. 181).

Kurt and a panel of economics experts answered various questions about the U.S. economy, ranging from the common mistakes job seekers make while looking for work to each expert’s outlook on the 2020 job market.

“We will likely see a continuation of the macro trends for increasing employment especially in health, education and technology sectors,” Kurt said.

Kurt went on to discuss U.S. policies and their possible impacts on the economy, recent trends in the job market, and several other topics.

To see all of Kurt’s predictions and insights, read the WalletHub article here.