A bunny costume and virtual egg hunt bring joy to a video conference

The Office of New Student & Transition Programs’ weekly meeting received a dose of “hoppiness” before the Easter holiday.

In previous years, Felicia Massey hid the eggs for her annual Easter egg hunt strategically, attempting to offer some small, unspoken lessons. Throughout the Office of New Student & Transition Programs, for which she is an administrative assistant, Massey used spots like back corners of the supply closet (there’s that extra copier paper) or behind the office clock (it’s got a battery that should be replaced if it stops working). But this year’s virtual egg hunt was mostly a lesson in caring.

“It’s important to check in and just see how everyone is doing,” Massey said. “Mentoring these students is my joy. I’ve been at Elon 30 years, and that’s one of the things that keeps me there. I’m like a mother figure, which can be the kind of relationship students may need.”

So, during the office’s weekly online meeting last week, Massey arrived wearing a fuzzy white bunny suit. She led a trivia game for the student workers and then let them choose from colorful plastic eggs, searching for the big $10 prize. Brian MacCalla ’20 found the lucky egg and opted to share his winnings with his student colleagues.

“It was a fun way to express joy and rejoice in the day,” Massey said. “That’s what I always try to do.”