CNN, Rolling Stone feature Megan Squire in articles about ‘Boogaloo’ movement

Professor of Computer Science Megan Squire was featured by two national media outles as she discussed the "Boogaloo" movement and how its members have infiltrated racial justice protests across the nation.

Meghan Squire, professor of computer science, has been featured in two recent articles by CNN and Rolling Stone that discuss the “Boogaloo” movement and how its members have been attending nationwide protests calling for racial justice and equality.

Professor of Computer Science Megan Squire

For CNN, Squire discussed her research of the movement in the article “Gun-toting members of the Boogaloo movement are showing up at protests.” CNN describes the group as “heavily armed, anti-government extremists” who gather in online communities. The article profiles a member of the Boogaloo movement who traveled to Minneapolis from North Carolina to support Boogaloo members attending racial justice protests in Minnesota. As Squire explains, cases like this represent a shift in the movement’s operations.

“[The movement] is now growing on mainstream platforms, and in this moment of protest it is starting to move offline,” Squire told CNN. “It resembles the militia movement that came before it, which has been well documented as a force for promoting violence.”

Squire also discussed the movement in a recent article by Rolling Stone, “Far-Right ‘Boogaloo Boys’ Are Trying to Incite Violence at Protests.” The Rolling Stone article focused on Boogaloo members instigating violence at protests and their goals in doing so. In the article, Squire discussed what it is that brought this group together.

“They’re right-leaning and they love their guns,” Squire said. “That’s really the extent of a uniting principle.”

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