Husser discusses 2020 polling numbers on ‘Capital Tonight’

Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies Jason Husser was featured in a recent segment by Spectrum News 1 about the reliability of recent polling numbers in the U.S. presidential and Senate races.

As millions prepare to head to the polls in November, Spectrum News 1’s “Capital Tonight” has featured Jason Husser, associate professor of political science and policy studies, in a discussion about recent polling numbers in North Carolina and what they might say about the upcoming election.

Jason Husser, associate professor of political science and policy studies, and director of the Elon Poll 

In the segment, “Recent polling in 2020 presidential, U.S. Senate races,” Capital Tonight’s Tim Boyum discusses polling numbers with Husser and Public Policy Polling’s Tom Jensen. The group touches on the reliability of North Carolina polling numbers related to the presidential election, as well as polls that show incumbent Sen. Thom Tillis trailing challenger Cal Cunningham in the race for his Senate seat. Husser, who also serves as director of the Elon University Poll, discussed the likelihood of Tillis not garnering support among Republicans as the election approaches.

“In this age of polarization where people know that there are very real differences on the ground between Republicans and Democrats, and they know a Democratic-controlled Senate with a potentially Democratic president is going to lead to very different policy outcomes, I would anticipate very few Republicans can’t just decide ‘well, I don’t like Tillis, but I’m going to go vote for him anyway,'” Husser said.

The discussion also focused on 2016 polling results and what they could tell us about 2020. To hear more from Husser, watch the entire segment here.