Elon Law professor quoted in coverage of nurses’ union drive

Associate Professor Eric Fink spoke with the USA Today Network for a September 4, 2020, story out of western North Carolina about nurses voting to form a union at the region's largest hospital.

Associate Professor Eric Fink

The 1,600 nurses now voting on whether to unionize at a western North Carolina hospital have drawn national attention from labor activists, legal scholars and politicians, and a recent story by the USA Today Network on that union drive included insights by an Elon Law professor who specializes in employment law.

“This is the biggest (union campaign) I’ve been aware of recently, and it’s what people are talking about,” Associate Professor Eric Fink said in the September 4 article by journalist Brian Gordon. Fink noted that the union drive is being closely followed on social media by labor experts “both inside and outside North Carolina.”

Read the full story: “With final vote tally near, Asheville’s nurses union campaign captures national attention”

If successful, the story reports, the nurses at Asheville’s Mission Hospital would be represented by National Nurses United, “the largest nurses’ union in the United States.”

At Elon Law, Fink teaches professional responsibility, employment law, consumer law, and cause lawyering. He has also taught civil procedure, labor law, and business associations. His research examines legal problems and institutions from a sociological perspective.