Prachi Gala discusses auto and travel insurance in WalletHub experts series

Assistant Professor of Marketing Prachi Gala answered questions about Travelers Insurance for the personal finance website.

Prachi Gala, assistant professor of marketing in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, offered insights on Travelers Insurance in an “Ask the Expert” series for personal finance outlet WalletHub.

Headshot of Prachi Gala
Assistant Professor of Marketing Prachi Gala

Gala discussed how important Travelers Insurance reviews should be to potential customers, why insurance companies spend so much money on commercials, and how national companies like Travelers tend to be a better deal for consumers versus a local insurance company.

“While national companies like Travelers are well known and safe to invest in, they are equally expensive,” Gala wrote. “Local companies may/may not be cheaper but are definitely not known. Hence, there is always a downside of risk when it comes to local companies. So reviews of these companies play a very critical role if going local. Along with, the language of their coverage. Some terms are very difficult to get back the money, like ‘act of God!’ coverage or ‘weather’ coverage, hence, these terms and conditions should be very carefully reviewed.”

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