Hwayeon Ryu publishes paper in Mathematical Biosciences

Hwayeon Ryu, assistant professor of mathematics, published a paper in Mathematical Biosciences on investigating spatially localized cluster solutions in inhibitory neural networks.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Hwayeon Ryu has published a peer-reviewed paper titled “Spatially localized cluster solutions in inhibitory neural networks” in Mathematical Biosciences.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Hwayeon Ryu

This work was from collaboration with five other mathematical biologists, partially funded by American Institute of Mathematics through its three-year Structured Quartet Research Ensembles program. In this collaboration, Ryu and her collaborators identify conditions for the existence and stability of cluster firing solutions in which clusters consist of spatially adjacent neurons in inhibitory neural networks.

Mathematical Biosciences is one of peer-reviewed, leading journals covering research on the use of mathematical models in the biosciences. It publishes work providing new concepts or new understanding of biological systems using mathematical models, or methodological articles likely to find application to multiple biological systems.

H. Ryu*, J. Miller, Z. Teymuroglu, X. Wang, V. Booth, and S.A. Campbell. Spatially localized cluster solutions in inhibitory neural networks, To appear in Mathematical Biosciences, 2021.


(* Corresponding Author)