WXII report on inflation includes insights from Brandon Sheridan

Sheridan, an assistant professor of economics, detailed a number of factors contributing to a rise in inflation during the past year in this report by NBC affiliate WXII.

A recent report by NBC affiliate WXII into how supply chain challenges from the pandemic are driving up inflation includes insights from Assistant Profession of Economics Brandon Sheridan.

Brandon Sheridan, assistant professor of economics

The segment by WXII reporter Lee Anne Denyer followed news that inflation had risen to its highest point in decades, due in large part to issues with the global supply chain. Sheridan suggested that families hold off on large purchases for the time being, if they are able, but said there is no reason to panic at this time.

“I think a lot of people are seeing how interesting it is lately with the supply chain issues that we’ve seen because most people don’t understand how interconnected the world is,” Sheridan said.

Watch the entire report here.