Forbes column includes insights from Greg Zaiser in college admissions article

The column looks at how some graduating seniors could endanger their college acceptance offer by their behavior in the final months of their high school careers.

A recent column in Forbes looking at how graduating seniors could dash their college hopes by their behavior after they receive an acceptance includes insights and advice from Vice President for Enrollment Greg Zaiser.

Greg Zaiser, vice president for enrollment

The piece by Brennan Barnard, who writes about college admissions for Forbes, pulls together examples and advice from enrollment leaders at a variety of institutions, including Elon. Barnard notes that most college acceptance letters include some variation of a message such as, “Keep working hard because we will be doing a final transcript review at the end of the year and your offer of admission is contingent upon the successful completion of high school with the same commitment to excellence that you demonstrated in your application.”

Zaiser offered his perspectives on how social media posts could derail a student’s plans to attend their chosen school. He told Barnard that “students forget that when they sign the application for admission they are agreeing to the university’s honor code. An academic or social violation of that code can lead to consequences, including rescission.”

Zaiser notes that no one wants to rescind an offer of admission, but sometimes it’s necessary.

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