The Washington Post cites Charles Irons in article on Virginia Episcopal Diocese committing $10M to reparations

Irons, professor of history and William J. Story Sr. Professor, discussed the division in American Christianity in an article from The Washington Post.

Charles Irons, William J. Story Sr. Professor and professor of history, was featured in a recent article from The Washington Post on the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia committing $10 million to reparations.

Charles Irons, William J. Story Sr. Professor, professor of history and past chair of the Committee on Elon History and Memory

The vote at the church’s annual convention is to repair centuries of division, and Irons told reporter Michelle Boorstein that he was “struck by the contrast between the great power of the Anglican Church in early Virginia and the deep divisions among American Christians today, where we’re divided into our liberal and conservative brands.” The diocese taking a step toward reparations “is dwarfed” by all the divisions in American Christianity (Protestantism and Anglicanism), Irons said.

“It has a meaning for that community, and I love it, by the way. I’m so grateful, and I think it’s beautiful, but the primary meaning is for them, and let us all hope that it’s a witness for other communities. But I just don’t think they have that kind of cultural authority anymore,” Irons said in the article.

Irons said the divisions among Christians are so grim and political that he is in the process of moving his family to England.

The full article can be read here.