Amanda Sturgill featured in article from WRAL News on recent North Carolina congressional candidate ad

Sturgill, associate professor of journalism, provided insights on the article from WRAL News on a campaign ad from 13th Congressional District candidate that was filmed outside of North Carolina.

Amanda Sturgill, associate professor of journalism

Associate Professor of Journalism Amanda Sturgill was featured in an article from WRAL News on recent campaign ad from Bo Hines, a Republican congressional candidate for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.

Hines released a campaign video with his grandfather, Rich Weisman, surrounded by farmland.

“We farmed these acres together, Weisman says in the campaign ad. “North Carolinians deserve a leader how puts in the hours like we do.” However, it has been discovered that the campaign ad was filmed in Indiana.

Sturgill said that the ad isn’t necessarily inaccurate because the video doesn’t directly claim to be filmed in North Carolina.

“If he did spend time on the farm, then I guess he might have done the tasks described,” Sturgill told WRAL reporter Paul Specht. “Putting in the ‘hours like we do’ is a bit of an unfair comparison. You are supposed to assume pulling stumps and fighting inflation are similar tasks and that doesn’t really make sense.”

The full article can be read on the WRAL News site.