Pratheep Paranthaman presents guest lecture on mixed reality games at Duke University

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Pratheep Paranthaman discussed development process involved in creating mixed reality games at Duke University.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Pratheep Paranthaman presented a guest lecture at Duke University on Oct. 3. This guest lecture was part of Duke’s FOCUS program, “Virtual Realities, Fictional Worlds, and Games,” in which first-year students take multiple courses from this group and also meet together weekly to have further Integrated learning experiences.

Assistant Professor Pratheep Paranthaman demonstrates mixed reality games in Microsoft HoloLens 2

In this guest lecture, Paranthaman presented a talk on titled, “Towards Prototyping and Developing Immersive Technology Applications,” and in this talk he discussed the design considerations, ways for incorporating novel game mechanics, and importance of analyzing single modal and multimodal interactions in mixed reality game systems.

In this talk, Paranthaman demonstrated a multimodal mixed reality game system and toward the end of the talk he addressed several questions from students and faculty who participated in this guest lecture.

This talk also included initial findings from Paranthaman’s ongoing research project on mixed reality games that is he is working with Logan LaMont ’23, a computer science major and game design minor. LaMont started working with Paranthaman in spring 2022 and continued his research for the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in the summer 2022 semester. In this project LaMont developed five playable game systems in the mixed reality platform.