WTVD ABC11 features insights on sports betting in N.C. from Bill Squadron

The report comes as North Carolina legislators are considering a bill that would legalize online sports betting within the state.

As North Carolina legislators consider legalizing online sports betting in the state, Assistant Professor of Sport Management Bill Squadron has shared his insights with the media on the impact of such a move.

Bill Squadron, assistant professor of sport management

The bill, which has already passed the North Carolina House of Representatives, would allow bets on college, professional and other sports. Proponents of the bill say that North Carolinians are already making wagers, and the state is missing out on potential revenue. Squadron shared with WTVD ABC11 that he expects there to be robust support among consumers for sports betting in North Carolina.

“People love sports in this state. And so if Virginia is seeing $500 million a month being wagered there I think we can expect that that number will be exceeded in North Carolina once it gets up and running,” said Bill Squadron who is an assistant professor of sports management at Elon University.

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