Pi Sigma Epsilon sales fraternity relaunched at Elon University

A campus chapter of the nation’s leading professional fraternal organization in sales, marketing, and management returned to Elon University this year through the efforts of students in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business.

Most good sales professionals have developed specific skills: they’re comfortable talking with others, they know how to share their own stories, and they’re aware of their body language.

As a tight-knit group of recent graduates in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business might tell you, those aren’t skills with a limited application to success in sales. Any student can benefit from honing such abilities – and that was their inspiration to bring back to campus a national fraternity focused on personal and professional development.

Nearly two dozen students joined with Elon University and Love School of Business administrators and faculty this past year to officially recharter Pi Sigma Epsilon, a fraternal organization in sales, marketing, and management open to any major.

Elon’s campus chapter had been dormant for a few years before a core group of now-alumni – including marketing majors Adam Craft ’23, Cassidy Perkins ’23, and Joe Byrd ’23 – were approached by Assistant Professor George Talbert, Jr. with the idea of reconstituting the organization. When competing in national sales competitions, the group had noted some of the “soft skills” demonstrated by other teams from campuses with Pi Sigma Epsilon chapters.

“I’m so proud of what these graduates accomplished,” said Talbert, who mentored the group for the better part of their Elon education. “Anyone who is interested in developing their professional skills is welcomed. Nothing happens in any organization until somebody sells something – and sales are both an art and a science. Students learn both here.”

The trio’s passion for the profession had been evident for years.

Craft fell in love with sales because of the thrill of selling vintage sneakers to his North Carolina high school classmates. Perkins discovered through a customer service job in New Hampshire that sales is a good career for those who love to engage in conversation while resolving a problem. Byrd realized that sales isn’t all about making money – at the end of the day, you’re simply helping others, a value that aligns with his deeply held faith.

The three, joined by classmate Ben Morreale ’23, believed the reintroduction of Pi Sigma Epsilon at Elon University will spark a passion in students who have yet to consider sales as a career.

“We worked on building a strong foundation, on providing benefits and professional opportunities that will benefit students for years to come,” Craft said. “I want to walk back onto Elon’s camps as an alum and see PSE continuing to grow and help people.”

Help can take many forms, Byrd said. On a basic level, the fraternity instills confidence. “The soft skills of sharing your story is what moves people, but few business fraternities help members speak with confidence,” he said. “And everybody has a story to tell! That’s what makes you relatable!”

Perkins said she appreciates why there might be hesitation to join Pi Sigma Epsilon with academic and career interest in other fields. That shouldn’t stop students from learning more about the fraternity.

“Whether going into your first job interview or exploring a college campus or just learning something new, the ability to sell yourself, and how to do that in the best way possible, is one of the main benefits we offer,” Perkins said. “This fraternity is for all people who are interested in professional development. If you’re looking to meet with executives, to learn how to network and do it now without waiting until after college, you get the ball rolling in the right direction.”

Learn more about Pi Sigma Epsilon at Elon University and the Chandler Family Professional Sales Center at Elon University. Coyle Saunders ’24 is the chapter’s incoming president, with William Marzullo ’24 serving as the incoming vice president of administration.

Talbert expressed gratitude to three Elon alumni for their support of the chapter: Flo Kuntz ’21, Jack St. Pierre ’22 and Ben Corrado ’23.

Executive Officers for the 2023 Spring Semester

President: Adam Craft
Vice President of Administration: Ben Corrado
Vice President of Marketing: Ben Morreale
Vice President of Finance: Joe Byrd
Vice President of Professional Development: Cassidy Perkins
Vice President of Public Relations: Grace Bennett
Vice President of Human Resources: Ethan Rau

Members for the 2023 Spring Semester

Andrew Gould
Annabel Gioffre
Anthony Cotoia
Benji Altmann
Caroline Healey
Charlie Jundanian
Darin Chen
Darwin Frett
David Neubig
Finnian Young
Jamie Nassau
Kaidyn Carroll
Kate Cooper
Macklin Williams
Mia Robinson
Nailah Ware
Nick DeBrizzi
Oliver Blake
Shea Lane
William Marzullo
Zachary Taylor