For Business Fellows, three days of learning & networking in New York City

Students visited some of the nation's top names in business and industry, and they attended the university's 2023 Evening for Elon in New York.

Sixteen junior Business Fellows traveled to New York City in mid-September to learn from Elon University alumni working for some of the nation’s top companies.

The Fellows toured offices, attended presentations, and spoke with company representatives who shared advice on topics ranging from how to make the most of Elon, to the opportunities afforded in various job paths, to the transition from college to corporate environments.

During their Sept. 13-15 visit, students took part in the university’s Evening for Elon in New York, an annual celebration attended by hundreds of alumni and parents.

Salesforce was among the companies visited by Elon Business Fellows during their trip.

The Business Fellows were led by Lincoln Financial Professor Tina Das; Professor Raj Gupta; Brooke Buffington, assistant vice president for the Student Professional Development Center; and Lauren Bosselait, senior associate director of corporate and employer relations.

Finance and accounting majors visited CIBC, EY, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Richard Bernstein Advisors, and Bloomberg.

“I’m so thankful to the Business Fellows program for the opportunity to travel to New York City with my cohort,” said Gwen Hollingsworth, a junior studying finance and business analytics. “Through this trip, we were able to speak with influential industry professionals and meet with Elon alumni. Not only was it a great networking opportunity but a wonderful way to learn more. As someone who is interning next summer in New York City, it was great to talk with alumni who went through the same Elon-to-New York transition.

“This trip was a great professional experience and continued to bring my classmates closer together.”

Business Fellows met with Brian O’Shea ’04 (far left) at Bowery during their visit.

Marketing and management majors visited Google, Bowery, Salesforce, Amazon, and Bloomberg.

“This trip provided me with the opportunity to meet with amazing leaders across companies to learn about their experiences, career development, and to answer questions that we had,” said Daphne McGarvey, a junior studying marketing and project management. “Each alum we talked to made it clear they were available to be a resource in any way possible. I am so appreciative to all the people we met on the trip for making it the best experience!”

Class of 2025 Business Fellows said they were grateful for the insider’s look into the business world of New York City.

Elon alumni and friends who hosted Business Fellows:

Richard Bernstein Advisors

  • John McCombe  P’16
  • Vince Scozzari ’16

Morgan Stanley

  • Dan O’Connor ’12
  • Jack Carroll ’10

Wells Fargo

  • Gabrielle Cifelli ’20
  • April Frazer ’03
  • JamiLynn Rufo ’07
  • Matt Morales ’11
  • Harrison Row ’17
  • Brandon Goodman ’22


  • Tanisha Gupta ’19
  • Chris Camia ’09
  • Justin Wanner ’13


  • Jack Johnson ’20


  • Tim Buckley ’06


  • Brian O’Shea ’04


  • Laura Beckstead ’14
  • Meg Hewitt ’13


  • Katie Link ’12