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From the hospital to the state capitol

September 12, 2023

Lauren Shores Shillinger ’02 began her advocacy work to ensure her daughter’s health and safety. Now that journey is helping protect more than 8,000 students in Maryland diagnosed with epilepsy.

Embracing AI’s potential

August 14, 2023

President Connie Ledoux Book reflects on the potential of artificial intelligence in higher education and beyond.

Point of View: The golden decade of AI

August 11, 2023

Lauren Lee '06, head of product and content marketing at The Weather Company, shares her insights into what we could expect from AI going forward.

Hiding in plain sight

August 11, 2023

Casey DiRienzo wants business students to recognize signs of human trafficking, know where it is found in supply chains and understand what to do if they encounter victims.

A brave new world

August 11, 2023

Rapid advances in generative AI technology raise new questions about what it means to learn, work, create, make ethical decisions — and even what makes us human.

Syllabuzz: Globalization of Hip-Hop

August 10, 2023

Assistant Professor of English Jennifer Eidum explores the impact of hip-hop on people an cultures around the world as part of this Core Curriculum class.