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Matthew Valle presents paper at conference

March 15, 2023

The study looked at the nature of the relationship between technostress (defined as the mental stress associated with using information and communication technology (ICT) on the job) and negative outcomes (e.g., dissatisfaction, burnout, intent to turnover).

Valle publishes 3 peer-reviewed journal articles

September 24, 2020

Matthew Valle, professor of management, has recently published articles in Organization Management Journal, Management Research Review, and the Journal of Social Psychology. Valle has published 5 refereed journal articles in 2020 and 18 refereed journal articles in the last 5 years.

Valle publishes article in the Journal of Social Psychology

March 5, 2020

Matthew Valle, professor of management, has published the results of a study which examined the interactive effects of resilience and role overload on family-work enrichment and the outcomes of surface acting, emotional exhaustion, and job satisfaction.

Valle publishes article in Journal of Character & Leadership Development

February 19, 2019

Matthew Valle, Martha and Spencer Love Professor of Business and professor of management, and Dave Levy, professor of management at the United States Air Force Academy, discuss the application of Dynamic Capabilities Theory to leadership development programs in the U.S. Air Force.