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In My Words: Dreaming of rainbows but cashing bad checks

January 21, 2014

Associate Professor Prudence Layne authored a newspaper guest column for the MLK Jr. holiday in which she reflects on the shared legacies of the slain American civil rights leader and his counterpart in South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela.

Book by Michael Matthews explores the early history of railroads in Mexico

January 8, 2014

In “The Civilizing Machine: A Cultural History of Mexican Railroads, 1876-1910,” Elon University Assistant Professor Michael Matthews shows how railroads shaped the way citizens of the young republic viewed industrialization, technology & modernization as they struggled to form their national identity.

New book examines female views of the Apocalypse

October 17, 2013

In “Thinking and Seeing with Women in Revelation,” Associate Professor Lynn Huber adds to a growing body of knowledge about the way some women have interpreted the end chapter of the Bible.

In My Words: Stop arguing about the science of climate change

October 6, 2013

Public policy debates on addressing climate change are one thing, but in a newspaper guest column, Associate Professor Dave Gammon says it's time to move past disagreements about the scientific data proving that humans are largely the cause.