Elon University faculty and staff are working hard to prepare for resumption of on-campus classes for fall 2020. Every member of the Elon community must be ready to create a culture of responsibility and resilience.

The health and safety of our community is our paramount priority as we adapt to the COVID-19 threat. The Elon Honor Code calls each of us to make a solemn, personal commitment to act every day to protect our own health and the health of others. Check this website frequently and stay informed about the role you will play in creating a successful academic year.

Latest Updates

What you need to know

Arriving on Campus

What you are expected to do on arrival when we gather in the fall to reduce the threat of COVID-19.

Your Personal Protective Gear

How to access cloth face masks and other protective gear and when you are required to use them.

Your Daily Health Checkup

A guide on how you can monitor your own health while on campus and when you need to seek for health advice.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Your hub for updates about the number of cases on campus, contact tracing and notification protocols and testing requirements.

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Video Resources

Be Ready & Resilient

Illustration showing two people maintaining distance

Maintain Physical Distancing!

(a minimum of 6 feet)

Illustration of person wearing a face mask

Wear Your Mask Properly

when you cannot maintain distancing.

Illustration of hands under running water


your hands regularly! At least 20 seconds.

Illustration of a house

Stay home

when you or someone in your household are sick.

Illustration of a bottle of disinfectant


and disinfect surfaces regulary.

Illustration of person coughing into their elbow

Cough or sneeze

into a tissue, sleeve or elbow, not your hands.